Erfea Morluin, male character of “Il Ciclo del Marinaio”

Twenty-fifth Prince of the Hyarrostar, one of the five historical regions of the kingdom of Numenor, son of Gilnar and Nimrilien. In the dwarven language he was also known as Khevialath, which means “the far-sighted”. A distant descendant of Atanalcar, the fourth and last son of Elros Tar-Minyatur, he is the male protagonist of «Il Ciclo del Marinaio». Paladin of great value, over the years he will forge a relationship with Miriel, princess and later queen of Numenor, which ended abruptly in the aftermath of the coup that led to the accession to the throne of Pharazon. Subsequently, exiled from Numenor because he disliked the new ruler, he settled in Middle-earth, in Edhellond, where he formed a relationship with Elwen, which ended when she married Morwin, the Lord of that City. Following the destruction of Numenor and the death of Miriel he settled in Osgiliath, as superintendent of the kingdom of Gondor. Although extremely old, he took part in the defense of the city from the assault of Sauron’s troops and in the subsequent counterattack that ended with the destruction of Mordor and the loss, by the Dark Lord, of the One Ring. Erfea died in the eighth year of the Third Era. It appears in all the stories.


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