Elwen, the half-elf of Edhellond

Dear readers,
today I present the other female protagonist of my stories. Her name is Elwen, which in the language of the Elves means “maiden of the stars”.

Half-elf, daughter of an Elf Noldo and a Numenorean. She met Erfea when he took refuge in Edhellond, the city in which he lived, to escape from the servants of Pharazon. After entering into a romantic relationship with Erfea, Elwen was deceived by the elven sire of that city, Morwin, who seduced and married her, convincing her to choose the immortality of her species. After discovering Morwin’s deceptions and making peace with Erfea, Elwen chose to spend her life with him, divorcing her husband. The story tells that she did not arrive at the Sea where Erfea was waiting for her and her end is unknown to all, except Erfea himself, who only mentioned it to Celebrian. It appears in the following stories: The Sailor and the Half-elf; The Sailor and the Great Battle; Birth of a cold star; The Infamous Oath.

Which of the following publications that portrays her do you like best?

Elwen, by Lidia de Simone
Elwen by Anna Francesca Schiraldi
Elwen, by Fabio Porfidia

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