Calculating the years of the Second and Third Age from birth to death of Erfea

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you will find below the main dates related to the biography of Erfea and the other characters of the Sailor’s Cycle.
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3112 Second Age (later abbreviated to S.A.): Erfea, son of Gilnar, Prince of Hyarrostar and Nimrilien, of the Andunie lineage, was born in Minas Laure.

3117 S. A.: Miriel, daughter of Palantir, royal prince of Numenor, and his wife Silwen, was born in Armenelos.

3132 S. A.: Erfea meets Miriel, princess of Numenor, for the first time.

3136 S.A.: Erfea confronts the dragon Morluin and becomes known to the peoples of Middle-earth as Erfea Morluin.

3140 S. A.: Erfea speaks with Sauron in Palantir; death of Silwen, wife of Palantir.

3144-46 S. A.: Erfea makes her first travel to Middle-earth, where establishes friendly relationships with the Lords of the Eldar and meets Tom Bombadil and his wife, Lady Baccador. Before returning to Numenor, Erfea receives from the hands of Gil-Galad the sword Sulring, forged by the elven smiths of Gondolin in the days before his fall.

3146 S. A.: Erfea returns to Numenor, where he is made a knight. In the same year Prince Arthol, supported by a faction of rebellious Numenoreans, attentive to the life of Palantir and his daughter Miriel: the conspiracy is discovered thanks to the revelations of Erfea, and the conspirators are sentenced to death by Prince Akhorahil so that they do not reveal their identities of the real instigators of the attempted murder and of the coup d’état that would have followed.

3146-3253 S. A.: Erfea returns to Middle-earth, where he serves Gil-Galad, the last of the Elven High Kings east of the Sea; he goes to Rhovanion, where he meets Imracar Folcwine, lord of the Eothraim.

3168 S. A.: Groin, son of Bòr, lord of the people of Durin, was born in Khazad-Dum.

3170 S.A.: Erfea ventures to the extreme Harad, where he enters the great fortress of the Nazgul, discovering their real identities.

3183 S. A.: Ewen the Half-elf is born to Edhellond, daughter of a Numenorean sailor and a Noldo.

3254 S. A.: Erfea returns to Numenor, where he succeeds his father, now elderly, in the office of adviser to the sovereign Tar-Palantir.

3255 S. A.: The second civil war breaks out in Numenor: battle of Tharbad, where Erfea inflicts a severe defeat on the Captain of the faction loyal to Pharazon the usurper. At the end of the year, Ar-Pharazon becomes the twenty-fifth ruler of Elenna and marries her cousin Miriel, against her will and the laws of the kingdom.

3256 S. A.: Death of Gilnar and Nimrilien: Erfea becomes the last of the Hyarrostar lords.

3260 S. A.: The infamous oath: all captains of Numenor, except twenty-one, including Erfea and Amandil, swear loyalty to Ar-Pharazon.

3261 S. A.: Erfea is shipwrecked at the mouth of the Anduin and reaches the city of Edhellond, where he meets Elwen the half-elf: in the same year Ar-Pharazon lands at Umbar to subdue Sauron.

3270 S. A.: Erfea abandons Edhellond; the prince of Numenor returns to Imladris, where he meets Celebrian and finds Elrond and Galadriel. In the same year he arrives in Numenor, where he meets Miriel for the last time; fled to the Nazgul, Erfea settles in Osgiliath.

3277 S. A.: Erfea defeats the Black Captain in Edhellond and makes peace with Elwen.

3278–3320 S.A.: Erfea travels throughout Middle-earth, reaching the extreme north, Forochel, and Umbar, where she discovers that the real master of the port has become Sauron, who exercises his power through the Nazgul Adunaphel.

3320 S.A.: With the fall of Numenor (3319 S.A.), the exiled kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor are formed: Erfea is appointed superintendent of King Anarion in Osgiliath.

3429 S. A.: Adunaphel’s armies attack Minas Ithil which is later conquered, while the civilian population finds refuge in Osgiliath: Erfea and Anarion defend the city. In the same year the Orthanc Council is held, which lays the foundations for the birth of an alliance between Elves, Men and Dwarves in order to counter the rise of Sauron (Last Alliance).

3433 S. A.: The battle of the Dagorlad, in which Erfea participates; death of Bòr (Naug Thalion)

3441 S. A.: Isildur takes possession of the Sovereign Ring and Sauron flees to the east.

2 Third Age: Disaster in the Iridescent Fields: Isildur and his people are massacred.

8 Third Age: Erfea dies in Osgiliath, after seeing his friends Elrond and Celebrian for the last time, to whom he delivers his memoirs.

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