The Sailor’s Cycle

The Sailor’s cycle, inspired by the events narrated in the Unfinished Tales and in the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, delves into the history of the great island of Numenor, from its rise to glory until its fall; witness and at the same time architect of the events of his time is Prince Erfea, of whom the book presents the heroic and often painful events.

From birth until death, during her long existence, Erfea will have the opportunity to interact with characters already known to the public who loves the Tolkien epic: Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor; his cruel servants, the Ringwraiths and their evil captain, the Witch King; the wise elves, among which Elrond and Galadriel stand out; the valiant dwarves of Moria and others.

Homage to the voluminous work of the English writer, The Sailor’s Cycle is also a reinterpretation of the chivalrous and classic epos, deepening the psychology of the protagonists and not failing to underline their contradictions and deep concerns, using an ancient language to deal with the universal themes of our civilization and of our age.

Some useful advice for reading: if you are interested in discovering the genesis of my novel, “The Sailor’s Cycle”, I suggest you read these two articles: In principio era…Othello, ovvero come nacque il Ciclo del Marinaio (In the beginning it was … Othello, or how the Sailor’s Cycle was born) and …e arrivò il Marinaio! Corto Maltese, Aldarion ed Erfea (… and the Sailor arrived! Corto Maltese, Aldarion and Erfea).
If, on the other hand, you prefer to read the various stories straight away, you can browse the categories that refer to the various stories, starting with the topmost article in the chronology and ending with the most recent one. To help you in reading these tales and to facilitate the understanding of notable names and events, I suggest you read these articles: Cronologia della vita di Erfea e dei racconti del Ciclo del Marinaio (Chronology of the life of Erfea and the tales of the Sailor’s Cycle) and Dizionario dei personaggi de «Il Ciclo del Marinaio» (Dictionary of the characters of «Sailor’s Cycle»).
Finally, if you want to appreciate other images like the one highlighted in this article, I invite you to take a look at the “Illustrations” category.
To learn more about aspects related to Tolkien’s thought and works, you can read the articles in the category «Characters, places and stories of Tolkien’s works»; if you enjoyed the film versions of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, I suggest you read the articles included in the “Seventh Art” section.
I remain at your disposal for any information and I wish you good reading!

Image «Varda the Star-Queen» by Janka Lateckova

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