Who is the Witch-King?

One of the most fascinating characters of the Lord of the Rings is the Witch King, the Lord of the Nazgul. In this story I have tried to imagine his story before becoming a slave of the Ring. Happy reading, I await your comments!

«The second son of Tar-Ciryatan, the twelfth king of Numenor, was named Er-Murazor and became one of the most powerful and influential men on the island. He was born in 1829 Second Age in the port city of Andunie, during a solar eclipse: he was given the name Tindomul (in Quenya “Son of the Double Light”), although those of the court of Tar-Ciryatan, hostile to the Elves, preferred to call him by the Adunaic name of Er- Murazor (the Black Prince).

Er-Murazor was the younger brother of Atanamir the Great, who would soon become king, and was similar to his brother in character: he supported his father’s ambitions and insisted on increasing the exploitation of Middle-earth; he was proud, greedy and ambitious, like his brother and father at the same time; however, because he had been excluded from the succession to the throne, he failed to obtain the favor and attention that was granted to Atanamir. Er-Murazor became jealous of the heir of the scepter and the jealousy soon turned into hatred and irrepressible ambition. Greed consumed the spirit of the Numenorean, so that in 1880 S.E., the Black Prince gathered a small fleet and headed for the shores of Middle-earth, in order to establish his own dominion over those regions. Its first docking took place in Lond Daer, in the south of Eriador, at the mouth of the Gwathlo: Er-Murazor and his army began to control the region, with the intention of seizing the port. His attempt, however, was unsuccessful, and he moved towards Umbar; following a series of clashes, Er-Murazor established his dominion over those regions, much to his brother’s chagrin. Tar-Ciryatan then ordered his second son to pay tribute to Numenor, and the Black Prince promptly refused.

The Dark Lord learned of Er-Murazor’s rancor towards his ancient homeland and his fear of death; he exploited these weaknesses and convinced him that he was the custodian of a knowledge unknown to the sages of Numenor, with which the prince would become invincible. In 1883 S.E. Er-Murazor went to Barad-Dur, becoming a disciple of Sauron; over the next one hundred and fifty years he studied the Dark Arts and became a very powerful sorcerer, to the point that he was unrivaled in Middle-earth, except for the fallen Maia himself, who soon made his pupil the first captain of the armies of Mordor. In the year 1998 S.E., Er-Murazor promised full fidelity to his lord and received the most powerful of the Rings of the Power of Men: the first of the Nazgul, the Black Prince, became known as the Witch King and Lord of Morgul».

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