Khamul the Shadow of the East. The second Nazgul

The second of the Nine in power, was named Komul I and was born in the year 1799 of the Second Age in the city of Laeg-Goak, located in the extreme east of Middle-earth: he was the eldest son of Hionvar Mul Tanul of Womaw , and had as a nurse Dardarian, wife of a Avar Elven prince, who later became his first adviser, until his accession to the throne in the year 1849. The influence of the ambitious Elf was very strong towards Komul, so much so as to push him to desire immortality above all other ambitions; in fact, despite having elven blood in his veins, he was not of the lineage of the firstborn, and the duration of his existence, despite being longer than that of his subjects, seemed to him very little. The kingdom of Womaw was the most powerful of those extending to the east of Middle-earth, and its inhabitants were subject to the influence of the Avar Elves, from whom they had learned the arts of speech and woodwork: they descended from the same fathers of the Numenoreans, and their wealth exceeded in splendor that of the surrounding kingdoms.
Komul I was fascinated by the greatness of the Edain heirs, and under his reign, the influence of Numenor’s ambassadors increased, much to the chagrin of his people, angered by their continued interference in their affairs. Since the Numenoreans had begun to have trade relations with the kingdom of Womaw, many colonies had been established in their territories; during the reign of Komul, however, the men of the West had begun to fortify their possessions, obtaining numerous concessions from the sovereign, with the only result of exasperating popular discontent. From 1944, the internal stability of the realm was threatened by the riots of many of the lords of the Womaw, who failed to loyalty to their lord: Komul, desperate and helpless, turned to the ancient adviser Dardarian, who seduced him with its beauty and the promise of immortality; he accepted, and made an alliance with the Avar kingdom of Hekaneg; this political move allowed him, the following year, to withdraw the concessions made to the Numenoreans, preventing his kingdom from disintegrating; however, the fall of the Womaw had only been postponed, as Dardarian was a spy for Sauron of Mordor and had been commissioned by Sauron to corrupt Komul. In 1999, the Elf handed over the artifact that would grant him immortality and infinite slavery under the yoke of the Lord of the Rings into the hands of the womaw king; the disappearance of Komul, the following year, opened a season of bloody struggles for the throne. Murderers and marriage intrigues upset what was once a peaceful nation; finally, five years after accepting the Ring, Komul was forced to abdicate the throne, in favor of the faction supported by the Numenoreans, whose exponent was his cousin Aon. Nobody understood where Komul had fled; it was later learned, however, that at the end of a long pilgrimage, he reached the gates of Barad-Dur in the year 2000 and there he assumed the position of squire of the Dark Lord, changing his name to Khamul, according to the language black of Mordor. The second of the Nazgul remained in Mordor until 3263, when his master was chained to Numenor and he fled east to the lands of the Chey, where his evil influence corrupted three great tribes, whose warriors militated in the files of Mordor during the war against the Last Alliance.

Versione italiana dell’articolo:

Khamul, il Secondo, l’Ombra dell’Oriente.


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