Dwar of Waw, Third of the Nazgul

Dendra Dwar was born in the year 1949 of Second Age on the Isle of Waw, the son of a Wolim fisherman named Dendra Wim and a washerwoman, Ombril, who died giving birth to him. Dwar had a difficult childhood, marked by grief for the loss of his mother and the hard work he had to practice since the age of seven: taciturn and melancholy, the young fisherman nevertheless nurtured a boundless ambition that grew with him and determined his bitter fate; His island seemed cramped to him and he wanted to explore the coasts of Middle-earth which, in the clear summer dawns, were visible from the boat where he worked.

The isolation of Waw from the continent of Endor ended in 1965, when the warriors of the K’Prur of Hent landed on the island, sacking Horn, the hometown of Dwar: the enemy forces savagely slaughtered the Wolim inhabitants, burning their houses and ports. ; Dwar, his brother Dwem and his father Wim found refuge in the quarries that stretched beneath the cliffs of the west coast. Wim, seriously wounded while fleeing from an enemy javelin, died a few weeks later: the young Dendra swore on his father’s spirit that he would exterminate the aggressors of their people and prepared himself for the hard task that this oath obliged to fulfill.

Dendra sailed north, directed to the land of Wol, to learn the war strategies of the Wolim tribes who lived there: Dwar knew that in this district the knowledge would be revealed to him to remove the enemy from his homeland and served in the armies of Wolim for many years.

In a short time Dwar gained great fame among those people, for he had become a fierce and relentless warrior: as an explorer of Wol’s armies, he learned the Arts of speech and command necessary to tame the ferocious war hounds that terrorized warriors of Hent, whose bodies were protected by light leather armor; however, although Dwar was considered by his comrades to be a brave warrior, he aspired to obtain knowledge such as never a Man of his lineage had learned. In 1974, Dendra became a student of Embra Silil, an elderly priest of the cult of Morgoth and he revealed the arcane to him. Dark Arts. For a long time the young magician applied himself in such studies, demonstrating a talent which few of the Second Born could boast of possessing. In 1980, Dwar assumed the position of Lord of the Dogs and led a contingent of his troops against the citadel of Alk Waw and wrested it from the control of the Hent warriors: using his Dark Arts and his legions of dog warriors, after a year of siege, broke the lines of his enemies.

During these long months, thanks to the combined action of two thousand fighting dogs and his Men, he extended his influence to the whole island: having won the victory, Dwar proclaimed himself High Guardian of the island and refused to recognize the authority of the Council of Elders.

Waw became known as the Isle of Dogs, governed by the strict laws enacted by the Wolim lord himself; yet, despite his father having been avenged, Dwar set his greedy eyes on the surrounding lands, not content with having fulfilled his oath, for his ambition had become great and it now measured itself by virtue of the achievements he foresaw to obtain: in the Within a few years, Wol, Brod, Cimonienor and Hent fell under his control and by 1998, Dendra’s power had spread throughout the far east of Middle-earth.

The lord of the Dogs, however, was not satisfied with how much his lust for power had allowed him to acquire and feared death above all else, for it longed to escape if the time came: quickly then he seized the offer of immortality that Sauron of Mordor offered him and he fell under the rule of the Shadow, accepting the third of the Rings of Men in the year 2000.

Slowly his likeness was consumed by the evilness of the Ring and Dwar finally mutated into an immortal specter, in the service of the Dark Lord of Mordor; he too could take physical form if he so wished and in this capacity he controlled the work of his nephew Dendra II, who now held the office of High Guardian of Waw. For two hundred and fifty years, the third of the Nazgul remained in the shadow of the tower of Alk Waw, until he led his legions to the land of Mordor, where he served his Dark Lord in the following centuries of the Second Age.

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Dwar di Waw, il Terzo, il Signore dei Cani

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