Indur, the Death of Dawn.The Fourth Nazgul

Born in the city of Korlan in 1935 of the Second Age, Ji Indur was the heir to a wealthy family from the republic of Koronande; he possessed a very ambitious character since adolescence, becoming the youngest elected governor in that district. When he became a member of Koronande’s council, he promoted a policy aimed at countering Numenor’s influence on his homeland; in fact, under the reign of Tar-Ciryatan, Numenorean warships appeared for the first time in the republic’s waters, arousing considerable concern in the governor’s soul.

The influence of the Numenoreans undermined the social and political foundations of Koronande, to the point that Indur feared for the very survival of his power: made fearful by this threat, with a coup, Indur dissolved the national assembly and proclaimed himself king by Koronande. However, this political solution was not shared by most of Korlan’s people, who were proud of their freedom, nor would they allow Indur to extend his power: over the next twenty-three years, a series of civil wars and rebellions occurred. The intervention of the Numenorean settlers of Tantarak, who poorly tolerated such disorders, led Indur to re-take his kingdom, but a last popular uprising, commanded by the governor of Korlan, one of the strongholds of the new kingdom, led the sovereign into exile and restored the republic.

Ji Indur fled to Mumakan, the seat of many agents of Sauron since the eighteenth century of the Second Age: there he found hospitality and salvation, which was known to the Dark Lord, who thought he was using the fallen king to extend his power to South and offered him a new throne.

A dark alliance was signed between the young king and Sauron, and the corrupt Maya gave him the fourth Ring of Men in the year 2001: Ji Indur became a slave of the Dark Lord.

The new king of Mumakan changed his name to Ji Amaav II, so that the people believed that he was truly the descendant of the previous ruler, the first who had placed on his head the crown made from the ivory of the mumakil: the Nazgul reigned for one thousand two hundred sixty-two years, managing to subdue the Numenorean colony of Tantaruk, until, with the arrival of Ar-Pharazon’s armies, he had to flee, taking refuge in the jungles of the Harad.

Over the next few years, he learned their fighting strategies from the Haradrim and became their ruler. During the siege of Gondor, he led his armies to the front line and few were those who could look at the crown of King Mumakan without feeling awe; at the end of the war, however, he fell into Darkness along with his Dark Lord, when he was deprived of his Ring.

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