Akhorahil, the Storm King, the Fifth Nazgul

Born in the year 1888 of the Second Age, Akhorahil was the first son of Ciryamir, belonging to the same lineage as the king of Numenor, Tar-Ciryatan; although he was a Man of prodigious strength and a far-sighted mind, Akhorahil was corrupted by his unbridled ambition. In 1904, Ciryamir obtained a license from the ruler to found and administer a royal colony in the south of Middle-earth. The following year, Akhorahil sailed with his family to disembark with his army at the port of Hyarn, in Endor and from there, across the Aronduin River, to the newly founded citadel of Barad-Caramun (Sunset Tower ). There, Ciryamir founded the realm of Ciryatandor, and it extended from the sea to the foothills of the Yellow Mountains.

Young in mind and body, Akhorahil enjoyed his new home, but his spirit longed to strike fear into those around him; such was his ambition that he applied himself with iron will to the study of the dark arts, yet the results obtained in this field did not fully satisfy his reputation for power. It was not many years before his heart began to claim his father’s throne, until in 1918 he promised an elderly Harad priest that he would trade his blue eyes for the two Dominion Gems, the same ones that had allowed his previous one. possessor of becoming the foremost expert of the Dark Arts in the realm of the Haradrim.

Soon, the cruel Numenorean used these artifacts to control his father’s mind and lead him to madness and finally to suicide: in this way, the one who now called himself the Storm King, obtained the paternal throne and married his sister Akhoraphil.

During the twentieth century, Akhorahil conquered vast lands in the south of Middle-earth, arousing the interest of Sauron, who wanted to take possession of this realm: an ambassador was sent to the Storm King, with the secret task of offering the Numenorean the fifth Ring of Power of Men, promising him unlimited knowledge and glorious immortality. Consumed by greed and ambition, Akhorahil tied his soul to that of the Dark Lord, obtaining his Ring in 2002.

For the next two hundred and fifty years, the Storm King was not seen by any of his subjects, while his wife and firstborn left the court, shocked by the metamorphosis that the mad Numenorean had undergone; the Nazgul, however, decreed premature to reveal himself to the world and continued to pay tribute to Numenor, who did not want to arouse suspicion in the king’s court. Finally, when the time was ripe, he proclaimed the independence of Ciryatandor, mocking the attempts of his ruler, Tar-Ancalimon, to bring the subject back to obedience: after a few years, the armies of Numenor annihilated the kingdom of the Storm King; however, he had fled to the last district where his enemies would have sought him, and elected Elenna herself as his new homeland, residing on the island of the Gift until the reign of Tar-Palantir, who proved incorruptible to the action of his servants. Deep in the Harad, the Nazgul had founded an impregnable fortress and went there when he fled from Numenor; to his great disappointment, however, Erfea Morluin went into the dark depths of her home, discovering the true identities of the Ulairi there. Great anger broke into his heart the Storm King when his citadel was violated and furious he swore to slaughter with his own hands the one who had dared to do such an act.

Vedi anche la versione italiana:

Akhorahil, il Re Tempesta, il Quinto

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