Hoarmurath, The King of ice. The sixth

«Born in the year 1954 of the Second Era in Emurath of Uab, in the forest of Dir located in the far north of Middle-earth, Hoarmurath was a descendant of a lineage of rough mountaineers and hunters: his mother had been the great matriarch of the kingdom of Urdar until death had seized her during one of the numerous wars waged against the people of Forochel, leaving the throne in the hands of her eldest daughter Amurath, according to the laws of her kingdom; on that occasion Hoarmurath became the Lord of the House, thus achieving the most coveted office a Man could desire in the county of Urdar. Soon, however, Hoarmurath’s ambition deemed his position insufficient to accomplish the grand goals that his mind had matured during a stay among the people of Khand; there he was convinced that the royal mantle belonged to a man and that his sister should be deposed: returning to Urdar he recruited many supporters among those who detested Amurath, openly proclaiming the rebellion.

Outraged by her brother’s foolish behavior, the matriarch of Urdar ordered his arrest and ordered his exile; Armed clashes followed between the two factions, until Amurath fell under the blows of the assassins of his brother, who placed the crown of Urdar on his head in 1992; made arrogant by his successes, Hoarmurath set out to conquer the territories of the Lossoths. He feared nothing, because he was indeed a great warrior, yet his queen wife could not give him that male heir that would ensure the survival of his dynasty: then the fear of death took him and he turned to his ally, Khamul l Oriental, who offered him, on Sauron’s order, the Sixth Ring of Men; blinded by madness, he accepted it without asking any questions and fell prey to the power of the Shadow, in the year 2003 of the Second Era.

Over the next four hundred years, he expanded the borders of his realm, conquering the lands of the Lossoth and even pushing himself into Rhovanion, where he subdued numerous tribes of Esterling: finally, after killing his first wife and securing an heir to his kingdom, he left for Mordor , where he served his lord until his capture by the Numenoreans. After the Fall, he returned to Urdar, where he commanded the armies of Dir in the battles against the knights of Rhovanion who had not yet submitted to Sauron’s will, defeating them in battle near the Celudin River; However, recalled to the siege of Gondor, the Ice King, as his warriors called him, led his army south.

After the defeat by the Last Alliance, Hoarmurath participated in the defense of Barad-Dur, falling into the shadows when Isildur took possession of the One Ring».

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