Ren the madman. The eighth Nazgul

«Born in the city of Ulk Jey Ama, in the year 1969 of the Second Age, Ren was the son of an enchanter and grandson of the Lord of the Chey: he had a quiet childhood, without any event suggesting what would happen once he became an adult. In 1992, Ren married Elyen, a woman of his own lineage, and moved to the Ered Harmal, where he resided for the next six years; in 1998, however, a severe plague devastated the Chey lands, and Ren was severely affected, although his body survived the long illness that prevented his awakening for many months: he finally woke up from a coma, however his mental health was been compromised. Ren had forgotten much of what he had learned in his youth, even his own name; yet, despite his wavering mind, he deluded himself that he had acquired a wisdom and a far-sightedness superior to that of any other Man: often, in the long night watches, his wife listened to him murmuring arcane and obscure words in his sleep, while, during the day, bent over his seat, he screamed to be the son of fire, the incarnation of the vital flame itself. Elyen tried desperately to cure her husband’s madness, summoning herbalists to her bedside even from western Khand, yet their care soon proved ineffective: Ren proclaimed himself king of the Chey and his followers practiced numerous violence, insulting women and sacrificing infants to the sacred flame. In a short time Sauron understood that the mad illusionist would be a valid servant, so that, in 2005, he offered him the eighth Ring of the Power of Men, with the promise that he would show him the source where the sacred fire came to life: soon Ren accepted , and driven by an unstoppable madness, aggravated by the corrupting power of the Ring, he organized his armies to conquer all of central-eastern Middle-earth; in the turn of a century, his troops, allied with those of the Khand of Uvatha, began to dominate an empire such as no man of their lineage had ever ruled until that moment. Ren settled in his hometown, after having his children and wife sacrificed to the purifying fire, the source of which was in the kingdom of Mordor; he left the capital of the kingdom of Chey only on the occasion of the arrival of Erfea Morluin in Numenor, when he joined the other Nazgul in an unsuccessful search. After the fall, Ren went to Mordor with his mighty armies and participated in the siege of Osgiliath, failing however due to the arrival of the troops of the Last Alliance; during the siege of Barad-Dur, the Witch-King ordered him to occupy the pass of Cirith Ungol, for fear that other troops of Gondor might come from the west: this strategy, however, proved useless, as the Ring was taken and Ren sank in the Darkness».

See also: Ren il Folle, l’Ottavo

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