Uvatha, the Horseman. The ninth Nazgul

The ninth Nazgul was born in 1970 of the Second Age, in the Olbamar quarries in eastern Khand with the name of Uvathar Achef; he was the son of an exiled prince and his father’s unhappiness soon became his. Uvathar spent the first ten years of his existence in the steppes of Khand, where he learned the arts of hunting and war, the only ones that aroused his interest in him; fierce and proud he became his soul and even before he was sixteen he was stained with the blood of numerous men and knew how to ride like no other Variag. Eighteen years old, he asked for and obtained command of his father’s army, leading him to obtain several victories, which brought him the throne of the upper Khand: not satisfied with this success, the young Uvathar defeated the king of lower Khand, Urig Urpod, unifying for the first time in his history the entire nation of the Variags under one crown. At the age of twenty-five, following the death of his father, Uvathar became the new warlord of Khand, attracting the attention of the Dark Lord, who offered him the last of the Rings of the Power of Men in the year 2006. Uvathar accepted without hesitation, as his people had always been tributaries of Mordor, and many of them revered Sauron as a deity: in the following centuries, Uvathar changed his name to Uvatha according to the black language of Mordor, and conquered vast lands south of Mordor, with the help of the armies of Ren the Mad. In the year 3262, after the capture of his mentor, Uvatha took refuge in Mordor, near Lake Nurn, where he trained numerous armies. After the fall of Numenor, Uvatha participated, like the other eight Nazgul in the siege of Osgiliath, but was unable to take over the city; he then went to the pass of Cirith Ungol where he prevented the Dunedain from leading new forces against Mordor. Too late Uvatha came with his armies to Barad-Dur, for Sauron had fallen and he vanished into the shadows.

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