Ar-Pharazon, the last king of Numenor

Pharazon. Only son of Gimilkhad, father of Varaneli. Became the leader of the faction of the Numenoreans who opposed Palantir and, subsequently, to his daughter Miriel, assisted by the Nazgul Akhorahil, Adunaphel and Er-Murazor, seized the throne of Numenor. He forced the queen to abdicate her in his favor, marrying her against her will, but promising her that she would save her life from Erfea. Pharazon, after Sauron pretended to submit to his power, became a follower of the cult of darkness and decided to invade Valinor, the land of the Valar (Gods): this reckless gesture caused the wrath of Eru (God) who destroyed Numenor. Pharazon and his entourage, however, were trapped in the Caves of Oblivion and will lie there until the end of days. He appears in the following stories: The Sailor and the Princess; The Sailor and the Half-elf; The Sailor and the White Tree; The Shadow and the Sword; The Infamous Oath.

5 pensieri riguardo “Ar-Pharazon, the last king of Numenor

    1. Ti ringrazio! Effettivamente anche io detesto particolarmente Pharazon. Quando avrai tempo ti suggerisco di leggere il racconto de «La Rosa e del Ragno»…avrai modo di scoprire che si trattava di un essere infido fin da quando era un ragazzino…

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