The courage of Miriel

“Touch this Man and your blade will have to be stained with a double crime!”; so beautiful the sovereign of Numenor appeared, despite the wound on her head darkening the warm light of her hair, that even the Black Numenorean stopped her blade, seized by doubt and remorse; then, gripping Sulring – who, fortunately, was lying not far from me – I shook a single upward blow with desperation, while with the injured limb I pushed Tar-Miriel away from the Black Numenorean. Eargon backed off, astonished, and touched himself the wounded chest; then he looked at the great carnage that was going on in the lower room and his gaze expressed despair mixed with repentance”.

Potete leggere o rileggere questo brano in italiano qui: L’Infame Giuramento_IX Parte e ultima (Il trionfo di Pharazon)

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