Bor, son of Dwarim, and father of Groin, one of the ambassadors and lords of the dwarves of Khazad-Dum, was known to the elves as Naug-Thalion. He became close friends with Erfea, when he saved some members of his people from the attack of a band of Numenorean mercenaries loyal to Pharazon. With his troops he defended the city of Osgiliath from the armies of Sauron, rushing to the call of Erfea. He died in the Battle before the Black Gate, killed by the Nazgul Dwar. He appears in the following stories: The Sailor and the Princess (although his name is not yet specified); The Sailor and the citadel of Dwarf; The Sailor and the Witch King; The Sailor and the Great Battle; The Infamous Oath.

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Dizionario dei personaggi de «Il Ciclo del Marinaio»

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