Erfea, prince of Numenor

A winged helmet, forged in mithril, adorned with two plumes intertwined in the white feathers of seabirds, covered his head, while long black hair fell to his strong shoulders, licking a precious mail of galvorn mail, whose luster was such as to be illuminated even by the dim lights of the inn. Tapered greaves and shiny bracelets adorned his legs and arms, while a long blade hung beside him, the hilt of which was carved in blue laen and inlaid by ithildin; a large cloak of noble workmanship, different from the faded cape with which it had hitherto been covered, hung over his shoulders: a graceful elven-made clasp encircled him at the height of the thin neck.

The tale of the sailor and the dwarf fortress

Versione in italiano:

Storia di una grande amicizia: Erfea e Naug Thalion

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