Adunaphel, the Sorceress. The Seventh Nazgul.

Princess of Forastar in Numenor, lady Adunaphel was born in the year 1823 of the Second Age in the city of Armenelos, daughter of Initildun, prince and commander of the king’s fleet; from an early age she was distinguished from her companions by a sharp mind and a beauty similar to that of elven women: growing up, Adunaphel refined her talents, and numerous Men asked her hand, seduced by her charm and her will to steel. Adunaphel, however, disdained such proposals, not considering them to be up to her reputation. She feared death very much and never forgot the sufferings that her elderly father had suffered during the slow agony that had led to his death, caused by his mad desire to abjure death itself, persisting in his mortal body. There was little affection between the lady of Forastar and her mother, who supported the cause of the Eldar and was opposed to the king’s party, to which her daughter adhered enthusiastically: at the court of the sovereign she met Prince Atanamir, and her heart was filled with passion towards him, considering him superior to those he had rejected in the past; great was her anger when the Heir to the throne rejected her and she swore on her father’s memory that she would get the prince’s head. In 1914 S. A., Adunaphel abandoned Numenor to found a colony in Middle-earth and subdue its inhabitants; for a long time she traveled west, until she found herself in the lands of Variags, where she imposed her law: for some years the kingdom of Ard the Vain, as she called herself, expanded its borders to the east and south, until , tired of having to pay tribute to her king, she took the opportunity to declare her independence. Atanamir, meanwhile becoming ruler of Numenor, decreed her death sentence and she fled to the East, while her kingdom was occupied by the armies of Numenor. Anger and wrath broke out in her heart and long wandered in the deserts of Khand, until the day she was captured by a tribe of Variags, whose lord made her their favorite slave; she was patient until she seduced her master’s guards and was not sure she had learned the arts of the sword and the spear. After a year Adunaphel slaughtered the king of the Variags in his sleep and proclaimed himself queen of that people: Sauron then heard of the lady of Numenor and summoned her to Mordor, promising her revenge against the warriors of Atanamir. Adunaphel accepted the Dark Lord’s offer and received the Seventh Ring of Men, swearing eternal loyalty to his master, in the 2004 year of the Second Age. Over the next thousand years, the Nazgul lived in the capital of his empire, which in the elven language was called Minas Gulwen (Tower of the Witch Maiden), plotting the fall of Numenor; in the year 3277 Sauron sent her to Umbar, where she seduced the lieutenant of Ar-Pharazon, so that the influence of the Fallen Maia spread to the port. Erfea Morluin visited the stronghold of Adunaphel two years later and defeated its servants with the help of the elven prince Morwin: furious, Adunaphel then confronted the two warriors and would have won victory, if at that moment the Sun had not risen in all his mighty humiliating her black spirit. After Atalante, the armies of Adunaphel took the city of Minas Ithil and headed for Osgiliath, being severely defeated during the first siege: later, she was close to achieving her goal, when the armies of the other Ulairis arrived and Gondor seemed to collapse; however, the arrival of the Alliance forces upset her plans and she fell back to Dagorlad, where she was defeated again. In the last years of the siege she participated with the other Nazgul in the defense of Barad-Dur, falling into oblivion when Sauron fell.

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